Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summer Holiday

Just a short post to say hello...

I'm back from my ten day adventure to the Welsh mountains. I've had such an amazing time, every day was beautifully spent, we (we being my parents, my boyfriend Ant and my two dogs) were outside every day, come rain or shine. A few of things we done included:

1. Climbing up into the black mountains
2. Going on a mountain railway
3. Going to the horseshoe falls, where you can walk behind a waterfall. I walked through a rainbow to get there and once I did it was the most beautiful, exhilaration feeling.
4. Went around the bookshops of Hay on Wye.
5. We went White Water Rafting.
6. Explored forests, rivers and brooks (see photo above).
7. Went on a 15 mile bike ride.
8. Went to the top of Mount Snowdon, the photos are to come since they were on medium format and 35mm, we stood in the clouds and from the top we could see Wales, England, Ireland and heaven.
9. We went on a hike on a mountain ridge, which wasn't more than three feet wide and with a sheer drop to the side of it.
10. We spent nights in the hot tub looking up at the milky way.
11. We also went to lakes, mountains, tiny villages, beaches and to the village where The Prisoner was filmed.

There will be blog posts to come to explain more in detail what we done and how amazing it was, I have 32 Impossible shots, three rolls of 120 film and two rolls of 35mm so there will be LOTS of photos. I can't wait to share them all with you.

The photo above is one of my absolute favourites from my trip, it was taken in the woods behind our lodge, Ant and I spent ages at this fast flowing brook, walking through it, trying to get the perfect shot. Ant took a few which I know will be corkers, one I'm awaiting for on his pinhole camera, it was a four minute exposure, that made us excited!

I hope each of you has had a magical end of summer, Autumn will soon be upon us and I am ready to embrace her with a full and happy heart.


  1. Beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

    1. It was really the most beautiful holiday. :)