Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Water, Water everywhere.

I love being by the water, I've spent my life growing up on the South Coast of England. I live 10 minutes from the Thames Estuary, now it isn't the most beautiful beach, but it has its charms and some days when the light hits the river it glitters like a thousands diamonds on those days you feel so incredibly lucky to be in this part of the world. Since I was little I have been in love with the water, any type will do from the great big expanse of ocean to tranquil lakes, from babbling brooks to raging rivers. The following photos are from my trip to Wales, where we found lakes, rivers, brooks, water falls and finally my true water love, the ocean. 

There's a quote I love, it goes something along the lines of The cure for anything is salt water - sweattears, or the sea" Now, I love all types of water, but the sea, oh the sea, will always hold a special place in my heart. Seriously is there anything better than being by the ocean? From big quiet beaches, loud roaring waves to the hushed 'wooshes' of the tide. I couldn't be too far from the sea, I love it too much.

And let's be honest... who doesn't love a waterfall? This is the falls that we walked behind, after clambering over rocks and walking through the river with little rainbows springing up from it we got to stand behind the curtain of water. It was the most amazing experience, I loved being behind such a great force, the noise was extreme but we couldn't help but laugh and smile as the spray hit us.

Photos taken on my 
Polaroid SX70 and Impossible Project Color Shade COOL film.
And my Rolleiflex and Kodak Ektar film.

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