Monday, 27 August 2012

Holiday time!

It's no secret to the people that know me best that I love travelling and adventures, I love the planning and the excitement of going somewhere new, experiencing different things and making new memories. It doesn't matter to me if I go to the end of the world (although, one day I will go there) or somewhere closer to home, to me an adventure is an adventure. I'm excited to say that I'm going on a mini adventure tomorrow, I'm off to the Welsh Mountains for 10 days with my boyfriend and my parents; I am so excited, I love being in the mountains. Last year I went to the Scottish Highlands for three weeks, three wonderful weeks I spent exploring mountains, lochs, forests and the ocean, it was the most magical place and I fell in love with it there. I can't wait to go see what Wales has to offer, I hope to love it as much as I loved Scotland. I truly love being out in the middle of nowhere, I love the mountain air, sitting under the night sky with no lights around, surrounded by thousands of stars, under the dark shadow of earth's giants. 

Of course, I have packed a suitcase full of cameras and film. I am itching to get over there and start photographing the amazing sights that I'll see with the people that I love. But, as with my family who are all travel nuts, we have to stay in more than one place, you know, to get the true experience of where ever we visit (everyone does that, right?) before we go to the mountains of the Snowdonia National Park we'll be spending a few days in the beautiful town Hay-on-Wye, a town nestled in the south of Wales on the River Wye where almost every shop is a book shop, I am so incredibly excited! I love books and reading, I love exploring book shops and the smell of old books, the feel of the paper and the creases in the spine of a good book. I'm going to get payback to my boyfriend who has dragged me around more record stores than you could shake a stick at; I'm not sure if he's aware of how much time we will be spending exploring the book shops! Sorry, Ant in advance! Also, sorry to my bank account that I'm sure will get a beating whilst there. I hope I can photograph a couple of them inside, I have a feeling they'd look beautiful on Impossible Project film. 

I'll be back on the 8th of September, with lots of stories and photos. Hopefully with all of my bones and limbs still attached from doing all of the white water rafting, wild swimming, mountain biking and canoeing we'll also be doing. 

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  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! Looking forward to seeing what you have captured!