Thursday, 5 April 2012


Spring is here! Flowers are popping up everywhere, and blue sky is dominating the South East of England. I love spring, I love that after a long winter where the cold cuts through the bones and the tree branches are covered in frost and snow, creating skeletal shapes on horizons making it seem like winter will never end. I love that after what seems like months of dark nights, and freezing mornings the earth comes alive again with a big bang. Over night (or so it seems) flowers spring from the ground and from trees, and blossom guides my way on pavements, instead of ice and rain. This year I'm embracing all of spring, from the wind to the April showers, I'm taking it all in, waiting, patiently for Summer to start.

(The above shots were taken on my Rolleiflex, with Kodak Ektar 120mm 100 film and a close-up filter held in front of the lens).

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