Thursday, 9 February 2012

A weekend in the country


Our first weekend away together in four years (ours being mine and my boyfriend, Ant) was to a quiet village resting on the fens in Lincolnshire.      While there we stayed in my mums cousins cottage, it was so incredibly lovely. On Saturday we explored the tiny crooked streets of York and the following day we walked the Lincolnshire fens, by night we sat by the open fire surrounded by family with beer and laughter. Over the weekend Lincolnshire was swept over with snow, it made for a lovely walk on the Sunday (our last day), it was so beautiful out. It was my first time shooting film in the snow, and it wa-snow (he) easy task. My light meter was going bonkers, luckily Ant was there with his EP-2 to give me the readings from his camera. Doh. Next time I'll be sure to be better prepared. It was a brilliant weekend though, we'll be back there in the summer for Wendy (my mum's cousin) and Dennis' wedding, which Ant and I said we'd shoot, must remember to get practice in shooting portraits before we do the wedding. Eek!

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