Sunday, 26 February 2012

For the love of water

"There's a little red bridge with the view of the sun, With a lake, I recommend such a setting sight."

For as long as I can remember I've loved being by the water, I've spent my life growing up within 10 minutes of the Thames Estuary, okay it's not a real beach, with real sea, but it's the closest thing us Southenders have to it. And to be honest, it's quite nice in the right light and with the right people. I suppose growing up by the 'sea' I've always been drawn to water, be it the sea, rivers (white water rafting!), lakes, waterfalls or even tiny brooks. I took the above two photos at a large lake in Cherry Orchard Country Park in Rochford, the lake was the biggest pull for my mum and I to go there. There's something ethereal about a beautiful lake, I hope I caught some of the quietness and serenity on the lake that day (apart from the ripples in the bottom right hand corner of the second shot, where my dog jumped into the lake just as I pressed the shutter - doh!). 

I've got a few shots in mind for the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to getting more creative with my photography. I've been working on some portraits that I'm practising for so I can be ready to shoot my mum's cousins wedding in the Summer. All very exciting things planned and coming up. :)

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