Monday, 9 January 2012


When I first thought I'd give photography a go (on a bit of a whim) four years ago I never could have imagined that it would have taken over such a huge part of my life. Some days all I think about is photography, I look at light and wonder what shot would work best in it. These days I compose, I focus, I stop and look. Photography has changed my life in so many different ways, but I can honestly say I never, NEVER thought/believed that my photography could be good enough for someone to buy, or to want one of my photos. But here I am, years later with a Christmas card under my belt, and now with a photo to be published in a book.

Words can't express just how good it feels to sell something you've created, it's like a warm feeling of immense gratitude bubbling up inside. Yesterday once the contract was signed, finished and sent off, I just sat and smiled to myself. I'm often quite indifferent to things that I've done, proudness doesn't come easily to me but yesterday I felt proud, happy and grateful for the amazing opportunity. 

I wanted to write something down because in my 2012 wish list, one of my wishes was to sell some of my photography, the other was to remember the good things that have/will happen to me this year and another was to blog more. So I apologise if this sounds like I'm tooting my own horn but sometimes, when something lovely happens it just needs to be done.

Thank you Nat & best of luck with the book ♥

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