Saturday, 31 December 2011

New years reflection

Things I done in 2011 that I've never done before:

1. Handed in a 10,000 word dissertation on how women were represented in film noir.
2. Made a short film.
3. Finished university with a degree in Television Production and Screen Media.
4. Went to crufts.
5. Spent 3 weeks exploring the Scottish Highlands.
6. Climbed mountains and caigs.
7. Went white water rafting (amazing).
8. Went Whale watching.
9. Had nights of endless sun (in the highlands the sun didn't really go down)
10. Went to John o'groats.
11. Explored forests
12. Stood on the most amazing beach.
13. Went on a rib boat on Loch Ness.
14. Graduated (yay!)
15. Went to Washington DC with my mum and my nan.
16. Met up with a beautiful friend who was traveling America.
17. Went exploring all of the monuments.
18. Drove to Delaware to stay on Bethany Beach.
19. Watched dolphins play in the surf at sunrise.
20. Went body boarding in Delaware.
21.Got a job over Christmas in a bookshop.
22. Got given a rolleiflex ♥ Thanks Ant
23. Turned 25.

I think it's fair to say that this entire year has been amazing, I'm grateful for everything that has happened to me over the past twelve months. I'm especially grateful for my family for taking me to amazing places over the world. The year started full of stress with university coming to a close, but it turned into a year of adventure and fun. Keeping with 2011 I hope 2012 brings more exploration and adventure. I hope that I remember every beautiful thing that happened to me this year and treasure it for life.

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