Saturday, 29 September 2012


In our lives we're faced with a multitude of choices, from little ones to life changing decisions that can turn your whole world upside down. At the moment a lot people in my life are making momentous choices and decisions, from changing jobs to moving houses. My personal decisions recently haven't been out anything as important, but instead it's been my choice whether I stay sorry with myself over being ill, or if I get up, dust myself off and get on with things. Today, I choose, and accept the later.

This past week I've had an appointment with an eye specialist to see if my dizziness was down to a brain tumour or a blood clot affecting my eyesight, luckily it wasn't. So, it's an inner ear 'thing' as suspected, I've chosen to be booked in privately to see a specialist and I have an appointment on Tuesday to get a proper diagnosis and to start physiotherapy, otherwise known as VRT (Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy). I'm so happy I've made this decision, especially as I can't walk at the moment. Can you believe your vestibular system controls everything from anxiety, heart rate as well as your balance?! It can also bring on symptoms such as weakness in your arms and legs making it hard for sufferers to walk or even hold on to anything, blurry eyes and fatigue. It is horrible, but you have to accept what you have and move on. It may all seem incredibly over the top to anyone reading this, but believe me when I say dealing with these kind of dysfunctions isn't easy, all we can do is choose to accept our fate or choose to fight it and live as much as we can with what we have.

I choose to accept what I have, and then move on, there's too much life to live than to be dwelling on dizziness and all of the other symptoms that accompany this rubbish.

If you want to know more about these somewhat unheard of invisible disorders then please, look on this website. But from here on out, I'm feeling positive and I'm determined to get better.


  1. So happy to read that your illness is something that can be "fixed." I know that even one little thing wrong can make it feel like life is all wrong. It's hard to live life to its fullest when something is dragging you down. I'm glad to hear you are full of hope.

    1. Thanks Deirdre, I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions after almost five months of being ill, I'm determined to get better though. :)