Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thinking back

Alky, my nan and Bud

I often find myself dreaming of past holidays when England is grey and wet. Recently I've been thinking back to Washington, how everything looked so beautiful under the big blue sky and blanket of autumn leaves last year, how even the buildings were glowing, bright white during the day and even brighter lit up at night. Washington was a place that felt good to be in, it was friendly and welcoming, unlike London, people actually spoke to one another and acknowledged their existence. I am so happy I went there, it was never on the list of places that I wanted to go but it surprised me, I met some wonderful people, from Susie to Alky and Bud and I went to some wonderful places from the monuments at night to Bethany Beach in Delaware (where watching Dolphins play in the surf as the sun rose, will go down as one of my favourite all time memories). That's the thing about travel, it's not just about the place at the time, it's about the memories and the feelings about a place that you get from it after; those memories are certainly cheering me up on these horrible grey days.

The mountains of Wales are calling me next...

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