Blogs I love

London vs Paris
A beautiful blog devoted to two friends in two different cities photographing the beautiful moments the cities share.

These tender hooks
The lovely Mia's snippet of the world, it is artistic and dreamy.

Mocking bird
Amanda's blog all about photography and catching your dreams.

Whitney and Dave
Following the lives of this amazing photo taking couple, they are an incredibly talented pair.

Nectar and Light
Dreamy polaroids, this blog will keep you captivated for hours.

Jennifer Way Photography
Such a beautiful blog, my favourites is her still life series.

Irene Nam
Words can't express how much I love this beautiful blog showing snippets of Irene's life.

Xanthe's Blog
Three words to describe Xanthe's blog: Happy, Colourful, Beautiful.

Sarah Abraham's blog
It's absolutely beautiful, shot on film and digital. Stunning, literally could spend hours browsing this blog.

Meghan Davisons Life Refocused
Is the most amazing, inspirational blog, I adore everything about it.

Every Second Sunday on Film
I contribute to this blog on a regular basis, with a whole bunch of other amazing photographers, who share their shots of beautiful Sundays on film.

Is an amazing beautiful blog full of shots taken using film, every shot is full of gorgeous light that would make me green with envy, if they weren't so amazingly beautiful.

Joelynne Johnson
Is an amazing photographer and fellow ESS blogger, I truely love her work.